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Hello Sol 3!

Welcome to the elektromotive cult.

Ӎuirӎoto is the CDG or Cyberphysical Development Group of Λn Solas Sí ΛrtScience.

We are part of the real rebel alliance taking up the fight to against the plutocrats, crony capitalists, and monopolists who wrecked this planet and are now trying to reinvent themselves as the world’s saviours.

Our current focus is, but not limited to founding a new motorsports community where winning is based on your talent instead of your bank.

Together Eӎcult Sports Λssociation and Ӎuirӎoto Ðeѵelopӎent will further the agenda to challenge the power of the major entertainment and transportation corporations, their monopolistic power and predatory capitalism.

We are a community of revolutionary creatives that embrace economic democracy for social democracy, innovating the combined use of traditional and advanced systems of additive and subtractive manufacture to liberate and redefine work, competition, and compensation in motorsports.