Sci-Fi Short Film “Slaughterbots” | DUST

My application was to end all traffic fatalities by making all roads smart roads, shrouding them in adaptive clouds of flocking sensors, creating a perfect image of every vehicle, predicting accidents, and reducing their probability before they happen by communicating with vehicles that are far less intelligent and expensive than any individually autonomous Tesla.

Smarter safer roads for all, but not smarter vehicles for the elite few. The Ai that exists was created with a bias for recognizing Light-Skinned European looking people and Dark-Skinned Peoples infamously the worst.

After watching the reaction of White America to the perceived threat of Dark-skinned People of both America and ” Shit Hole Countries” I ask you to give a thought to who is most likely to fatally suffer the most from the misuse of these technologies.

Who needs a wall when you can quietly exterminate desperate crossing the desert, and openly crossing at border roads, and arriving at any airport?

We could use this to save lives, to optimize human strengths, to accommodate human limitations, but that just isn’t who we keep choosing to be.

Over and over we chose self-centred fear over faith, and over reason, the pursuit of wealth and power over the perfection of our union, through democratic ideals and equal justice under law.