Ɍafτaӎaгa Coӎpгessoг • Coпѵeгτıble Ouτгıǥgeг

Welcome, my name is Muirén. The first record of my name is found in early 4th century transcriptions of Old Irish and approximates as Seabird. Paternal Grandma’s people are Cajun/Creole and she filled my head with swamp lore, I spent a lot of my childhood exploring ponds, creeks, wetlands of the Ohio River Valley and the Chicopee River of Southwestern Massachusetts.

I was fascinated by the archaeological and anthropological studies of ancient cultures that thrived in liminal wetland spaces throughout the Americas, and later the rest of the world.

Even the setting of my favourite fictional stories have taken places in such places, for example, as a child I loved the books inspiring The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh film by Disney. I identified with the character Curlew.

I also loved the works of Ursula K Le Guin The Earthsea Trilogy, The Word for World Is Forest, The Left Hand of Darkness; Jean Craighead George’s My Side of the Mountain and many others.

A mark of strangeness was set on me as I absorbed the mythologies inspiring the contemporary stories I loved, narratives born from peoples of the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia – the science of their existence, their science of daily survival.
The more I learned the more it made me different.

I do not look like the person who would have my interests, knowledge, my skills. I invest considerable time in the research and development of durable, ultra-lightweight systems and-or complements to, existing systems for non-destructive human presence and action within vulnerable sand and mudflats, salt marshes, swamps, bogs, creeks, rivers.

The infrastructure needed for living lightly upon the land in an increasingly volatile world, while accessing the most advanced technologies we have accrued down the ages through experimental living and cooperative problem-solving.