MuireMoto is a community of practice focused on creating innovative forms of electric-powered transportation. This Maker Cooperative will be introducing BEV or Battery Electric Vehicles with sophisticated range extension technologies. We will also be introducing DFG or Direct From Grid powered Ξlectric SΞ🜄 (Surface Ξffect 🜄essels) S/VTOL Short and or Vertical Take-Off and Landing.

Muir is an Irish and Scottish word for Sea, Marshland, Moors, hence MuirMoto alluding to the fact that intracoastal transport is a principle theme of our ArtScience. We work under the fiscal sponsorship of Fleet Réalta Cooperatives transportation infrastructure mission ΛrTintrí, a stylized variant of the Irish Ar+Tintrí meaning ‘On Lightning’ vis-à-vis Electricity.